Visual MATH 4D

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6 thoughts on “Visual MATH 4D

  1. Hi,

    I’m Yaşar Tuna Zorlu. I have a suggestion. Well i translate apps into Turkish. And some of them are Lockmix, Note+, Awesome Lock, LastPass and games like Inka Madness, Stars Conquer on Windows Phone Store. And still giving them my support of course in favor of localization their app into Turkish. Some of the users demanded VisualGraph 3D to be translated in turkish and i’m sure the number of users will rise in turkey if its translated. If you’re interested i’m can gladly help you.

    Thank you

    Yaşar Tuna Zorlu
    Civil Engineer
    Zorlu Kardesler Cons. Ltd. Şti.
    +90 539 359 59 69

  2. Hello,

    I’m enjoying the app (Visual Math 4D Professional) but I’m not able to use the camera.

    I have am using an iPhone 6 Plus running latest OS.

    Any help is welcome.



  3. Dear Ronny,
    I use your VisualMath4D Pro.
    But after upgrading to iOS 9,
    it will not start anymore.
    Please, correct the problem.
    Best Regards,

  4. VisualMATH 4D Professional v4.4 does NOT work on an iPad Air 2 or a new iPod Touch (both with iOS 9.2). More explicitly, the app starts and its window loses focus immediately — the app remains dormant in the background and can not be brought into the foreground.

      1. Dear Ronny,

        Thank you for update. I have installed it already. The app works good.

        Best Regards,


        10.01.2016 13:37, VisualGraph 3D пишет: > >

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